Some say that the women's rights have gone from being a common fight to being an individual struggle.

From a fight for external equality to an inner psychological equality battle where every woman must fight individually.

​I myself have been struggling with a super woman ideal. An ideal where we believe we should be able to master all roles to perfection; friend, girlfriend, mother, wife and career woman.

​We believe we must be able to take care of the house, man and child, everything from baking a cake to putting in a new roof, in other words; we strive to be SUPERWOMEN!

​Women past and present - strong women - have been held back. Today, I find myself, and many of my peers, struggling to find our place, role and identity as a woman have been holding our selves back.


​We simply believe that equality means that in addition to the traditional women's roles, we must also take on the traditional men's roles.

​What if we stopped concerning our selves with genderroles but instead learned from each other and accepted who we are, all we are.

Photo Maj Hasager

Photo Maj Hasager

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Photo Maj Hasager


Photo Maj Hasager