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Take What Tou Want

- the World is Yours?


200 brooches

Wood, paper, metal, lacquer paint, lacquer

120cm x 60 cm x 1,8 cm

Photo Dorthe Krogh


Take What You Want - the World is Yours? consists of 200 brooches that together form a map of the world. This is not a traditional map - as the division of the countries are very stringent and without any reference to the countries we know today. 

This work is about concepts such as ownership and affiliation, it's about who has the rights to the goods and the riches of the world.

In a time of crises, where we all experience what is means to have less and where we see how our consumption has an effect on people, environment and the world as a whole. 

Photo Dorthe Krogh

The viewer can choose a brooch, a piece of land, thereby becoming bearer not only of their own country but also of the meaning that lies in the work.

But it is not for free, the viewer has to sign a contract. 


I, the undersigned, hereby commit myself to engage in a dialogue with the work Take What You Want—the World is Yours?, by reflecting on the concepts:

Global responsibility

In return, I get to choose a brooch, a piece of land, that I can conquer and take with me as my own.

Date / Signature

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Photo Søren B. Petersen

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