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This collection, called  “Distanciation”,  consists of five pieces of  jewellery.  It’s about how we relate to the world around us. It’s about the individual and the collective.

It is about giving. How do we give, what are we giving and most importantly why do we give? 

It’s about the privileged part of the world in which we live, where more and more countries build walls to keep others out, making sure that what we have is ours alone.

It’s about loving thy neighbour, when do we care and when don’t we care? 

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It started because I felt confronted by myself and with my shortcomings especially when I’m faced with the lived-reality of other people who don’t have the same possibilities in life as I have.

I discovered that I have difficulty with knowing when it’s right or wrong or good or bad, to get involved in other peoples lives and as a result I often do nothing.


I wanted to make jewellery which makes us think about why we do or don’t act, which makes us question ourselves and the way we position ourselves in the world around us, both locally and globally.

The question is: Should we get involved and if so, then how?  Do we cross a fine line if we meddle with that which we witness? Is it a human concern for others, being a part of the community in which we live? Or are we out of place, dealing with other peoples lives? When something terrible happens in the world we text an amount of money to an aid organisation, in that way we do help, but to be honest, we also buy ourselves some peace of mind.

Photo Maj Hasager

Photo Dorthe Krogh

Photo Dorthe Krogh

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Photo Dorthe Krogh

Photo Dorthe Krogh

Photo Dorthe Krogh

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